Smokey Caramel Sauce

Smokey Caramel Sauce

1 ½ cup white sugar

¼ cup butter (half of a stick)

¾ cup cream

Be careful to not to spill or touch the hot sugar mixture as it can burn you.

In a small sized pot, heat sugar at medium heat.  Stir occasionally at first, then as the sugar melts (2-3 minutes), stir constantly.  It will turn from white to yellow to light brown.  The longer you keep it on the stove, the browner it gets.  When the mixture is smooth and a light brown, remove from heat and add butter gently, then cream.  Be careful as the butter will sizzle and splatter when you add it.

Return the mixture to the stove, at low heat and continue to stir.  Once it is medium brown, remove it and let the mixture cool (twenty minutes).  If the mixture is too hard, return to low heat and add more cream, a bit at a time.

This recipe requires adjustment in how much cream to add. You can keep it as a solid in the fridge, then when needed, add a bit of cream, microwave for twenty to thirty seconds and stir until smooth.

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