Early morning in St. Mawes

Bring on the New Year with a freshly baked Scone!

Happy New Year Scone

Do you say scone with a long “o” or a short one? However you pronounce it, there is nothing more satisfying in winter, assuming you are in our Northern half of the globe, than waking up to the aroma of freshly baked scones.

To bring on our new year, we present a simple recipe, one that would surely delight hungry early risers. Unlike the ones we are familiar with here in America, these scones are more akin to our British relatives on the other side of the pond, the difference being that these scones are made with butter at room temperature.

On a recent trip to England, we shamelessly indulged ourselves in that wonderful British tradition: afternoon tea. What a civilized and cultured ritual! And, the gastronomic centerpiece was undoubtedly scones lathered generously with Cornish clotted cream and jam.

And, these scones are best eaten with family and good friends, during those moments when we put our techy life on hold, take some quality time, and enjoy good conversation with those we love.

So, please try these as you bring on 2020 – a new and hopefully prosperous decade for everyone!

Click here for New Year Scone recipe

Sunrise in Cornwall, UK

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