Back from Verona, Italy…

One Veronese Version of Tiramisu
Click photo to see this week’s Recipe: “California Gelato-Misu”

The Tiramisu pictured above is as divine as it looks! I could not resist taking a photo of this ubiquitous dessert at dinner one evening.  I am told that no two Tiramisu’s taste the same, each family adding their own creative touch.

My person is back in California (see below for slideshow of our trip to music), but my heart and mind are still lingering in the cobbled streets of old  Verona.  Not just because of the dreamy Tiramisu that I happened to delight in every day, nor of the sumptuous gelato we indulged in just as frequently, but because of the people, the culture, the history, the weather, the wine, and the food… Why is it that food always tastes so delicious in Italy?   (Despite being a gastronomic adventure,  the place is so conducive to walking that I actually lost weight after such a trip.)

Being on press with the printers in Verona was an incredible learning experience.  The process of book-making is truly an all-consuming affair, but the transformation of digital images onto real textured paper, where each photograph comes alive in vibrant colorful detail, is a remarkable thing to touch and see.  The art of print is something to behold.


This week’s Feature Dessert Recipe is “California Gelato-Misu” .  I think you will find it relatively easy to make, and absolutely wonderful to taste!  Those who LOVE coffee and chocolate will be ecstatic!!


Below is a gallery of photos taken in Verona, both of the city and at the printing plant.  The team of printers from VeronaLibri, whose expertise is top-notch, made this experience go so smoothly indeed!  I especially want to thank SergioFabio, and Zeno for their hospitality, and my introduction to some fabulous Northern Italian wines and the Veronese cuisine!  Chin chin!


Enjoy Verona, Italy

Marie Hines’ “Always Been You”

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