Moss Beach Productions Presents: “Coffee & Dessert on The Coastside” Book Release

Moss Beach Productions
Moss Beach Productions

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This week is exciting as we unveil the long-awaited “Coffee & Dessert on The Coastside” to you.  It has been a year and a bit since we began this project to pay tribute to where we live.  It has truly been a labour of love for all of us here at Moss Beach Productions, and we hope you will be pleased with the results!

If you have a moment, take a little time to peruse the content of this site.  If you are on the Coastside, come into one of the select retailers and touch, feel, and see a sample copy of our book.  We know that once you have held this 5.5 lbs, hardcover, high quality production printed in Verona, Italy, you will also fall in love with this book, as those who have already seen it.  This book is truly a memento of this Coastside, and we are proud that we have made it a reality for you.


PHC & Moss Beach Productions Crew


(Click Book Photo if you wish to buy a copy.) 

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Sample Dessert from Book:”As is true for chocolate chip cookies, it is doubly so for brownies.  Some love a cakey one, while others prefer them more gooey.  Which do you prefer?” 

…Excerpt from Book

Take a trip down our Coastside…

Just beyond The Tunnel, winding past Devil’s Slide, a quaint community awaits.  This book is a visual and gastronomic tribute to the beauty that lies along this dramatic Pacific coastline.  

What better place to stop a while, savor a cup of coffee, and a morsel of dessert? Maybe you, too, will fall in love with our Coastside.

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We are well under way to release our Book, “Coffee & Dessert on The Coastside” before the July 4th weekend!  Our books arrived early from our printers in Italy, made it through customs in New York, and were delivered by a very nice chap from the trucking company!

For those of you who are already aware, this has been a long-awaited, year-long effort, and we are so happy that we can finally release this photographic and gastronomic salute to the Coastside!

This week is very busy, dropping off books to our participating local restaurants, hotels, and bookstore, so that they can make our book available to those who want to experience a piece of this Coast.  I very much want to thank these businesses for all their support for this project!  It would not mean the same without all their help.

With half the year already over (I still can’t believe it is 2014!), we welcome the second half, as there is always something on the horizon, just beyond the present.  For us here at Moss Beach Productions, we celebrate the public unveiling of our book with the commemoration of our country’s 224th birthday.  We feel honored to have timed our event with this important day.

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And, thanks to Harbor Village Farmers’ market, we will be on-site at the Oceano Hotel & Spa’s parking lot this Sunday, July 6th, to show everyone our book.  So, I hope to meet you there!

PHC & Crew

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