“Coffee & Dessert on The Coastside”

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Take some time to peruse our preview of this coffee table book dedicated to our Bay Area Coastside.

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The Coffee Table Book on The Coastside: 

“…a beautiful compilation and the confections look delicious!”

The Former First Lady, Laura Bush

Our Book is available through this website, as well as through select local retailers.

(If there is any glitch with ordering, please contact us!)

This 288-page, full color, 5.5 pound hardcover coffee table book was printed in Verona, Italy on 170gsm Gardamatt paper, each image spot varnished for vibrance, crowned by vivid Matte Laminated cover and silk-screen spot-lettering on Jacket and Spine of book, and finally bound in none other than Padua, Italy, the center of book-making!

For those who love the Art of Print, they will appreciate the high quality of this beautiful photographic landscape and dessert document of our Pacific Northern Coastside.

Take a trip down our Coastside…

Just beyond The Tunnel, winding past Devil’s Slide, a quaint community awaits.

This book is a visual and gastronomic tribute to the beauty that lies along this dramatic Pacific coastline.  

What better place to stop a while, savour a cup of coffee, and a morsel of dessert? Maybe you, too, will fall in love with our Coastside.

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January 4, 2015 Recipe:  Early Morn’ Cornbread

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December 8, 2014 Update:

We are so delighted to add our book to none other than the famous Bay Area bookstore, Book Passage, in the Ferry Building!  If you are in the San Francisco area, drop by and pick up a copy for the holidays, either for yourself, or as a gift.

November 15, 2014 Update:

_DSC808808,01.14 website_DSC454408,01.14 websiteIf you’re like me, I can’t believe that 2014 just flew by, and the Holiday Season is upon us!

This is my FAVOURITE time of the year, especially being on the Coast.  The weather is cooler (even accounting for global warming), and the waves are larger.  Mornings are draped in misty fog, then the noon sun brightly burns off any remaining cover.  When there is time, waking up early to see the day break is a privileged moment, indeed!

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DSC_198908,01.14 websiteUnfortunately, our hours in a day are shortened, and there is always much to do.  But, for me, there is never not enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee.  And, to accompany that cup of joe, a warm Blue-Blackberry Scone that can be whipped up in minutes makes the break even more enjoyable.

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From Thanksgiving to New Years, the times on this Coastside are invaluable.  As soon as one emerges from the new Tunnel on Devil’s Slide (if coming from the North on Highway One), _DSC811008,01.14 websiteor when your car unwinds into Half Moon Bay on the Highway 92 from the East,_DSC692008,01.14 website time slows down a bit, and one can smell the freshness of the Pacific salt air._DSC779508,01.14 website


If you are lucky enough to live here, or have a chance to visit, you will understand how life here on the Coastside, where the forces of the Pacific ocean meet the Cypress bluffs of the coastline, can put everything into perspective. There is nothing like Mother Nature to give you a sense of coming home.

_DSC685108,01.14 websiteSo, I urge you to see for yourself, and time permitting, have a coffee and a small morsel of dessert on our Coastside!

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 Having spent hours taking photographs amidst empty beaches, beneath towering Cypresses, and overlooking endless bluffs, I am reminded by that insightful Shakespeare, who wrote, “Life’s but a walking shadow; a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more.”


And, in the meanwhile, we are working on our next project, but will take time to post new desserts when we can.  Enjoy!

PHC, Moss Beach Productions


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