Father’s Day Feature Dessert of the Week: Sam’s Chowder House “Key Lime Pie”



_DSC7656RESIZED 2500x1500If you drive along Highway One on the Coastside, you will invariably get stuck in traffic as you near Sam’s Chowder House.  In fact, this oceanside restaurant has become so popular that the County had to widen the road and create an extra lane, just to decongest the line up of cars waiting to turn into Sam’s parking lot!

But, anyone who’s ever dined at Sam’s can now appreciate the double lanes by this favorite Coastside hangout.  Who could resist great food, awesome Pillar Point Harbor views, spectacular Pacific sunsets, and an upbeat relaxed atmosphere – all of which shouts “Coastside”!  (Disclosure: I do NOT work for Sam’s.)




So, for Father’s Day, I am excited to dedicate this week’s feature dessert to this iconic restaurant’s “Key Lime Pie“.  It is a dessert worth a little wait in traffic, and one whose recipe is included in our book, “Coffee & Dessert on The Coastside“.

If your Dad loves sweet and tart, and the freshness of lime, his salivary glands will be in for an irresistible work-out!




Sam’s Chowder House Key Lime Pie Recipe:


2 cans (14oz x2) condensed milk

1 cup lime juice

6 egg yolks (use egg whites for meringue below)



3 cups Graham cracker crumbs

1 cup melted butter

½ cup powdered sugar


6 egg whites

1¼ cups granulated sugar

*Require one 9” pie plate

*Preheat to 350°F

For the crust, mix Graham cracker crumbs, powdered sugar, and melted butter in a bowl until well combined.  Then, press the mixture evenly onto the bottom and up side of a 9” pie plate.  Bake the crust in middle of oven for 10 minutes.  Cool in pie plate on a rack.

To make the filling, whisk condensed milk and egg yolks in a bowl.  Add lime juice and whisk until mixture is slightly thickened and well combined.  Pour filling into cooled crust and bake for 15 minutes.  Cool pie completely on rack, then chill overnight.

For the meringue, bring a pot of water to low boil.  Place the egg whites and granulated sugar in a stainless steel bowl and whisk together over hot water bath.  This dissolves the sugar.  Using a stand-up mixer, whisk the mixture until fluffy (about 15 minutes). Spread the topping on the pie.  Use a propane torch, or place pie toward the top of a broiler for less than a minute until just browned. And voila!


A Pie with a View

 Bon Appetit!


Sam’s Picturesque View of Pillar Point Harbor 



Happy Father’s Day!

PHC, Moss Beach Productions







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