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“Coffee & Dessert on The Coastside is an exquisitely produced, high quality pictorial which deserves a prime spot on every Coastside coffee table or bookshelf. A perfect gift for family and friends..”

Jeff Broyles, Manager, Bay Book Company, HMB

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If you like the photographs in our book, you will DEFINITELY love what we have printed on METAL!  These are high quality prints that those who love the Art of Print will thoroughly appreciate through the years!

Tour through our METAL PRINT GALLERY, or click the tiled photos below.  If you have any questions, just complete the CONTACT form.

First Select Collection of Photographic Metal Prints

All Photos printed on high quality metal, with silver or white satin finish.

Each photo is signature-engraved by Author/Photographer.

(Actual Prints do not have Copyright information on the front.)

Pricing available on request

Birds on The Beach (36″Wx24″H) Collector’s Item: 75 offered

_DSC6838 36x24 Beachbirds for sale


Old Pier at Pillar Point (set of 2:24″Wx16″H each) Collector’s Item: 30 sets offered

old pier side 1old pier side 2


Old Pier at Pillar Point (36"x24"; Silver Satin) Complete photo Special Collector's Item - by Special Request

Old Pier at Pillar Point (36″x24″; Silver Satin) Complete photo
Special Collector’s Item, limited quantity, by Special Request Only



Walking on The Beach (36″Wx24″H) Collector’s Item: 75 offered

beach walk 3


Pillar Point Harbor Sunset (24″Wx16″H); Collector’s Item: 75 offered

Larger Collector’s Item in 36″Wx24″H is also offered in limited number of 40

_DSC7825 36x24 PHsunset for sale


Pillar Point Harbor (24″Wx16″H); Collector’s Item: 75 offered

DSC_0292 36x24 PH for sale


Montara Waves (24″Wx16″H): Book Feature item: $550 US

(Please Order Print separately from Books, as Shipping is Free for Prints for sale.)
_DSC7763 36x24 MONTwaves for sale


The “Other” Cheesecake (17″Wx11″H); Book Feature Item: $355 US.

(Please Order Print separately from Books, as Shipping is Free for Prints for sale.)

_DSC6300 17x11 OtherCheesecake for sale

 Please review our Shipping, Returns, & Privacy Information before purchasing your order.

If you wish to pay by check, make check payable to “Moss Beach Productions”.  Books will ship once check has cleared.  Please add Shipping Cost (1 book – free shipping; 2+ books, add 5% of total cost of books), plus any sales taxes to your payment. For Sales Tax, if delivery is to a San Mateo County, California ZipCode, tax is 9.0% of the total order cost, not including Shipping Cost; if delivery is outside of San Mateo County, but within California State, tax is 7.5% of total order cost, not including Shipping Cost. For delivery to all states other than California, do not add tax. For International shipments, please contact us.

Moss Beach Productions
P.O. Box 1025
Moss Beach, CA 94038




Shipping is offered to all 50 states in the U.S through U.S.P.S.  For international shipping to addresses outside of the U.S., please contact us.



New Shipping Rates:  Updated September 19, 2014

1 book………Shipping Cost $0.00

For 2 or more books to same address, shipping cost is 5% of the total cost of the books, not including tax.

Please allow anywhere from 5 days to up to 2 weeks to receive shipment(s). Book Orders may arrive in more than one box, depending on the number of books ordered.  Shipping is via USPS.

**Note: All book sales are final.  Refunds will not be provided.  Any books damaged on arrival to buyer may be exchanged for a new copy, shipped at buyer’s expense, after return of damaged copy, also at buyer’s shipping expense.  If there are any questions, please contact us.**



For additional pricing information and ordering, please contact us.

All photographic print orders are shipped separately from book orders, with free shipping on all print orders.

Photographic prints are shipped in protective covering.  If the prints become inadvertently damaged during shipping to buyer, please contact us.

If buyer is not satisfied with the prints, the prints may be returned for refund.  Prints are shipped back at buyer’s cost, including insurance coverage. A full refund will be granted as long as the prints are in original condition, without evidence of any damage, and only  after satisfactory inspection and verification of original, intact state. No refund will be awarded for any print that is returned with evidence of damage, regardless of size or location of damage.  Please contact us if there are any questions or problems related to this. For international shipping, please contact us.




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PHC, Moss Beach Productions

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