A Winter Reunion – December, 2022

Carrot & Ginger Soup

Winter is a time for soups – I think that we can all agree! And, for a new year, the combination of carrots and ginger seems appropos of refreshing beginnings.

During this past Christmas, a good friend, who lives in the trenches of Canadian winters, made her famous Carrot Soup for us. I’ve always looked forward to tasting her cooking, as she is a very talented home chef. Her soup is simple yet exquisite, and there is only one other dish that she makes that tops it…her Chocolate Sour Cream Cake! (Perhaps one day she’ll indulge in my featuring it here.)

For those who spend their lives battling the piercing frigidity of Mother Winter each year, a piping hot soup, with a chunky loaf of hearty bread, is more than well deserved. That’s how I felt, after trudging through the snow-covered trail in zero minus weather (Celsius, that is) on our way to our friends’ cabin in the heart of Muskoka country. The familiar aroma of earthy spices that greeted us as we entered the warmth of the interior made the anticipation of that first spoonful all the more acute. Simple yet rich, that smooth blend of carrots in broth was seasoned perfectly for our hungry tastebuds. It made for the perfect beginning of a long awaited celebration among old friends.

Click picture for my Carrot & Ginger Soup recipe

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