Pure Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

The pure and simple things in life…

September 2018

Like ever-undulating waves, rising, cresting, then folding, another year finds us in September – again.  Temperatures are subtly yet noticeably cooler, leaving the memory of another fun and busy summer to history.  Still, the flavours of summer linger, and we find ourselves wishing to prolong that season’s gustatory memory for just a bit longer.

Ice cream is one of those summer desserts that you just can’t get enough of.  For me, chocolate reigns supreme, but I have to admit that vanilla is quickly becoming a favourite.

To celebrate the end of summer, we recommend this wonderful simple dessert, my Pure Vanilla Ice Cream.  Have it alone, or with friends, or with a touch of the last harvest of fresh berries or peaches.

….but, of course, this doesn’t mean that we have forgotten our chocolate…

Or, the Coffee Ice Cream with Chocolate Bits, from our book…

Pure Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe:

There is nothing like a smooth, creamy, vanilla-y, ice cream!  There is a reason why it is the most popular flavour around.  As with most things in life, one comes to appreciate the simple things as time passes, and my love for a pure, natural, uncomplicated vanilla ice cream has deepened with maturity.

For this recipe, you can try different ratios of milk to cream.  What makes this ice cream rich is the egg yolk, and of course, if you add more yolk, and less cream, you end up with a gelato!  The beauty of home-made ice cream is that you can make it as vanilla-y or sweet (or less) or creamy as you like.  Enjoy!

Pure Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe:

2 cups 2% milk

1 cup whole cream

1 tbsp Vanilla + ½ tsp vanilla paste

¾ cup white sugar

1 egg yolk

small pinch of salt

Place all ingredients except for egg into large microwavable bowl. Heat until just about to boil. (Interrupt halfway to stir the mixture.) Beat egg in a small bowl. Pour ½ cup of heated cream into egg, stirring constantly until smooth. Pour this back into the cream mixture, add salt, stir, and place back into microwave. Heat again to just below boiling (OK if a film starts forming on surface – just give mixture a good stir).

Pour hot mixture into ice cream compressor machine and use as directed, or let cool, and use standard ice cream non electric maker.

Simply, pure vanilla heaven!

Even better, add some Caramel sauce

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