Coffee Ice Cream with Chocolate Bits (from Book)

This recipe is taken from our Book, which has been lauded by those who own one as being “absolutely pristine”.  One of our local bookstores even commented that it is truly the only high quality photographic book that documents the places here on the Coastside.  And, the food photographs are enticing everyone who loves desserts, or just the thought of one!

If you are like me, waking up and having a first sip of coffee is a ritual that is rarely missed.  And, the morning just doesn’t seem right until that very first taste of freshly ground beans in my favorite cup.

Interestingly, though, I don’t drink coffee much later in the day, but when the weather is warm, and the company is right (even if just solo me), a small scoop of homemade Coffee Ice Cream is a perfect thing to savor.

So, I hope you have a chance to try this recipe of mine.  It is very easy to make, but does require at least a basic ice cream maker.  Santé

Coffee Ice Cream with Chocolate Bits

From “Coffee & Dessert on The Coastside”


For coffee lovers, this recipe combines the best of both worlds:  ice cream and coffee.  This is a dessert for adults, as it packs a good punch of caffeine.  Of course, you can always use decaffeinated coffee, but then what would be the point?  You can make this in a pot on the stove, or use the microwave, as I do.  Just be sure not to boil the liquid.  The proportions will yield about a pint.


1 cup whole milk
2/3 cup cream
2/3 cup white sugar
4 oz espresso coffee
1 tsp coffee granules
½  tsp vanilla plus ½ vanilla bean pod
1 tbsp custard powder
½ cup rough chopped semi-sweet chocolate bar

Split the vanilla bean open with a knife, scraping off the inside of one half of the bean.  Combine milk, cream, sugar, espresso and coffee granules, vanilla, vanilla beans and pod in a microwave safe container.  Heat until liquid is steaming, but not scalded.  Check intermittently and stir.  Pour 4 oz of the hot liquid into a small cup, and add the custard powder, stirring until well dissolved.  Pour this back into the coffee liquid, stir.  Microwave for another minute or so, again careful not to boil it.

Remove the vanilla pod.  Stir the mixture so that it is smooth.  Let cool for an hour, and add the rough-chopped chocolates.  Then, follow the instructions of your ice cream maker.   Freeze the ice cream for at least four hours or overnight.


(For Mocha Ice Cream, add 1 tbsp cocoa powder to the mixture, and follow same instructions.)


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